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The right tire for your heavy equipment has to be adapted to the sector in which your company operates. The appellation industrial tires is almost a byword for all tires that are used for industrial purposes. In our assortment we have tires for small forklift trucks to large container forklifts. Industrial tires are special tires for unique vehicles.

Industrial tires can roughly be divided into three categories: air filled tires, full rubber tires and solid tires. All our industrial tires are known for their excellent quality and durability.

Tire expert Traverco Truck and Tire Service has a large selection of different industrial tires from well-known brands. Your tires usually come with wheels. If you lack the fitting wheels we can deliver wheels for every vehicle or tire.  We can also provide part and ring wheels. If it comes down to Industrial tires and wheels, Traverco Truck and Tire Service is the right place to visit.






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