ACDelco Batteries

Durable and reliable

Batteries feature an impact- and break-resistant plastic case for durability, including robust separator envelopes. These auto batteries have corrosion-resistant terminals and no-maintenance design. Integral gas separators and flame arrestor vents prevent possible damage from outside sparks. Premium technology in the metal alloys, chemicals and design combine to ensure long-life performance

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Sealed Maintenance Free Batterijen


  • Overall terminal design minimizes acid leaks, seepage, corrosion and black post, which allows the terminal posts to stay clean and corrosion-free.
  • Both positive and negative grids are Lead-Calcium alloy, maximizing corrosion resistance, increasing cycle life and reducing water consumption to improve battery durability.
  • Premium alloys and high-density paste for improved performance

Manufactured with dozens of quality control checks to provide ACDelco quality.

  • Envelope Separator design helps eliminate shorting and corrode-through to improve reliability and battery life. Sealed on three sides, the ACDelco Advantage Batteries separators are shaped like an envelope made of polyvinyl chloride. The Envelope Separators are puncture-resistant with a back web rib design to allow good electrolyte diffusion between the plates while preventing them from touching each other. This also improves acid circulation, allowing the battery to remain cooler, extending battery life.

Good Maintenance Practices:

  • Check the auto battery as part of regular vehicle maintenance.
  • Keep auto battery terminals clean and free of corrosion. To remove corrosion from terminals, use a terminal brush.
  • Check the alternator and make sure that it is not charging too high or low – if the alternator is not charging properly it will cause the battery to not charge correctly and cause deterioration.
  • Avoid exposing the auto battery to extreme heat whenever possible.
  • Turn off other electrical accessories (stereos, internal lights, etc.) as soon as they are no longer required to save electrical energy.

Signs that a battery may need to be replaced are:

Signs Of Wear & Troubleshooting:

  • Engine will not crank
  • Battery runs down easily
  • Battery will not recharge
  • Corroded terminals
  • Cracked/broken cover or container
  • Frequent slow speed or short distance driving
  • Faulty battery connections
  • Low voltage/open circuit
  • Long-term vehicle storage