Main Benefits

Full Inspection

Full Inspection of tire and rim.

Reliable Solutions

A patch is the most reliable and safe solution for your tire.

Durable solutions

A patch is the only solution for a safe and durable repair of your tires.

Patch, yes. Plug, no.


The proper way to have a tire repaired is to patch the tire from the inside and fill the puncture hole. Do not have your tire plugged. Ever. Plug repairs do not involve taking the tire off the wheel for a proper inspection. A plug is simply inserted into the punctured area, making it unreliable. Insist on a full inspection. Have your dealer demount the tire, internally and externally inspect it, and patch and fill the repair on the inside of the tire.

You can see a plug as a sticky lace that is pushed into the tire from the outside as soon as the hole is found in the tire.
Because what many people don't know is that the plug is an emergency repair.
Watch out for an Emergency Repair!!!
So if the tire is repaired with a plug, then the person doing the repair never knows whether he can safely send you back on the road.