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Tire Chains

Tire protection chains

Maximum performance for the toughest jobs

pewag is leading in providing the right chains for the world’s biggest machines and tires. Large-scale mining operations run by well-known international corporations choose pewag as their reliable and innovative partner for tire protection.

Whether in close-to-surface tunnel constructions or extraction at depths of 4,785 m, pewag tire protection chains keep your operations running.

pewag snow chains

Strong is not enough

The strongest chains in the world for each area of application

pewag offers the right product for every situation. With our determination to innovate, we at pewag design snow chains that guarantee maximum safety and comfort in every situation.

pewag snow chains cannot only be used in wintery conditions. Our products can be used on all different types of grounds – mud, pebble and sand: In impassable terrain military and ambulance drivers rely on pewag quality.

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