Maximum Tire and Rim Performance OTR

Tire Life® is a specially formulated, light viscosity fluid that offers exceptional tire and rim protection when added to the tire air chamber.


Tire Life® stops rust buildup by providing a protective antioxidant coating on wheels and rims.

Tire Life® removes existing rust scale from wheels and rims, and reduces the amount of downtime normally required for refinishing wheels and rims.

Tire Life® installed in the recommended quantity, provides rust protection from the day the wheel is installed until it is dismounted.

Tire Life® will reduce the labor cost for tire dismounting.

Under Inflation

Between regular air checks, some loss of tire p.s.i. is expected. With each pound of pressure loss, load carrying capacity is reduced and tire temperatures increase. Tire Life® reduces this normal air loss. Bead seats, o rings, vent hole leaking, blistered, or cracked innerliners, even liners that are lifted loose from the ply will be sealed off very effectively by Tire Life® .


In studies done by a major tire manufacturer, Tire Life® reduced tire casing temperature by as much as 7.5%. In other studies, Tire Life® reduced the tire operating temperatures by 19%. Whichever case, Tire Life® lowers tire temperature and that’s good for the tire.